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In the meeting 聚會用語
A. To sing 唱詩
    1. Let’s sing hymn No. 135. 請唱大本詩歌第135首
    2. No. 34 in the Supplement. 請唱小本詩歌第34首
    3. Sing with our spirit. 用靈唱
    4. Brothers, please sing 1st, 3rd, & 5th stanza. 請弟兄們唱第1、3、5節
    5. Let’s sing together and release our spirit. 釋放靈同聲唱
    6. Sisters, please sing the last stanza. 請姊妹們唱最後一節
    7. Let’s sing the 6th one altogether. 同聲唱第6節
    8. Sing fast, (slower, higher, lower…) 唱快一點, 慢一點, 高一點, 低一點。
    9. Let’s sing it again. 再唱一遍
B. To read the Bible and pray-read it 讀經和禱讀
    1. Let’s pray-read verses 10 to 15. 禱讀第十節至第十五節
    2. Let’s stand up and read it loudly. 站起來高聲念
C. To pray 禱告
    1. Let’s pray together. 同聲禱告 
    2. Let’s pray one by one. 一個一個禱告
    3. We pray in the name of the Lord. 奉主的名禱告
    4. Any one of us who has a burden may stand up and pray. 有負擔的請站起來禱告
D. To share 分享
    1. Now it’s time for sharing. 現在開始分享
    2. We must be normal, proper, function in members of the body. 我們在身體上必須是個正常.合適.盡功用的肢體
II. Concerning the church: 召會概況
    1. We have brothers’ house and sisters’ house close to the campus. 大學附近有弟兄之家和姊妹之家
    2. We have about 200 saints on Sunday morning’s meeting. 主日上午聚會約有二百人
    3. Where do you come from? 你從哪里來?
    4. How is the church life over there? 那裏的召會生活怎樣?
    5. How many brothers and sisters are there in your church? 你們那裏有多少弟兄姊妹?
    6. How is the gospel preaching and campus work there? 那裏的福音工作和校園工作如何?
    7. Can you share something about the church life in your locality? 請問貴地召會蒙恩情形?
    8. What is the present move of the Lord in your locality? 主在貴地有何新的行動?
    9. What impresses you the most in the church life? 在召會生活中您最摸著的點?
III. Spiritual Fellowship 屬靈交通
A. Short Phrases 片語
    1. Praise the Lord. 讚美主。
    2. Thank the Lord. 感謝主。
    3. Jesus is Lord. 耶穌是主。
    4. Call on His name. 呼求主名。
    5. Oh, Lord Jesus, Amen, Hallelujah. 哦!主耶穌!阿們!哈利路亞!
B. Concerning the spirit 靈
    1. Release our spirit. 釋放靈。
    2. Exercise our spirit. 操練靈。
    3. Use our spirit. 運用靈。
    4. Set our spirit free. 讓靈自由。
    5. He is the all-inclusive Spirit. 祂是包羅萬有的靈。
    6. Christ is the life-giving Spirit. 基督是賜生命的靈。
    7. Get into the corporate spirit. 進入團體的靈。
    8. Saturate us, Lord, with your Spirit. 主阿!將我們浸在靈裏。
    9. We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord. 我們在靈裏是一,我們在主裏是一。
    10. No more I, but Christ lives in me. 不再是我,乃是基督活在我裏面。
    11. We have a strong spirit and a sound mind. 我們有強的靈和清明的心思。
C. Church life 召會生活
    1. Christ is my life and the Church is my living. 基督是我的生命,召會是我的生活。
    2. The church is our sweet home. 召會是甜美的家。
    3. The church life is very practical. 召會生活是非常實際的。
    4. In His recovery we are following the Lord. 我們在主的恢復裏跟隨主。
    5. We must enter into the church life. 我們必須進入召會生活。
    6. God’s Ordained Way 神命定之路
    7. Increasing of districts / group meetings 增區增排
    8. Children group 兒童排 
    9. Young people meeting 青少年聚會
    10. Door knocking 叩門 
    11. Morning Revival 晨晨復興
    12. Morning Revival by phone 電話晨興
    13. District meeting 區聚會 
    14. Group meeting 排聚會
    15. Every members. 人人盡功用
    16. Stirring up saints organic function. 啟發生機的功用 
    17. Gospel Priest 福音的祭司
D. Build up together 建造
    1. I give myself to brothers & sisters. 我將自己交給弟兄姊妹們。
    2. We are living stones, and need to be build up together. 我們是活石,必須建造在一起。
    3. We are members of the body, and materials for the building. 我們是身體上的肢體,建造的材料。
    4. We are not built upon our human relationship, but rather on Spirit. 我們不是建造在人為關係上,乃是建造在靈裏。
E. Minister 職事
    1. Brother Lee is the oracle of God’s word in this age. 李弟兄是這時代的話語執事。
    2. We shall go forward with this Ministry. 我們跟隨職事往前去。
    3. New age; New language. 新時代新語言 
    4. High peak truth 高峰的真理
    5. God became Man to make man God. 神成為人,人成為神。
F. Fellowship Conversation 一般交通
    1. I would like to share with you. 我想和你交通。
    2. Let’s have fellowship together. 我們一起交通。
    3. When were you saved? 你何時得救?
    4. Could you tell us how you were saved? 請你說說你得救的情形?
    5. Do you have morning watch? 你們有沒有晨興?
    6. How many meetings do you have in a week? 你在一周內有幾個聚會?
    7. Could you tell us about the things which you think are specially blessed by the Lord? 能否告訴我,你認為什麼是主特別祝福的事情?
    8. Brother, may I have your name? 弟兄!請問貴姓?
    9. From what country (state, city) do you come? 你從哪國(州、城市)來?
    10. Are your family all saved? 你的家人得救了嗎?
    11. Praise the Lord. Yes, they are saved. 讚美主!他們都得救了。
G. Body 身體
    1. In the Lord’s recovery, we must care for two things: The spirit and the Body. 在主的恢復,我們要注意兩件事:靈和身體。
    2. We care for the oneness of the body. 我們看重身體的合一。
    3. Go to the Lord directly and pray. 直接到主面去禱告。
    4. We should come into the body, the fellowship is in the body. 我們應該來到身體裏,在身體的交通裏。
    5. Our way is to pray and to fellowship. 我們的路是禱告和交通。
    6. The Lord’s recovery is mainly based upon the oneness. 主的恢復主要是基於合一。
    7. We only care for the unique oneness of the body. 我們只在意身體的合一。
    8. The oneness of the body is “not” the unity in your locality, but the oneness in the whole universe. 身體的合一不是地方性的合一,而是全宇宙性的合一。
    9. Unity means the universal oneness of the body. 合一是指身體在宇宙的一。
H. Flow 水流
    1. There is only one stream, flowing forth from the throne of God and Lamb. 只有一道水流,從神和羔羊的寶座中流出來。
    2. This flow is brought out by prayers. 這流乃藉禱告帶下。
    3. The church is in the flow. 召會在流中。
    4. The only way to be one is to be in the flow. 合一惟一的路是在流中。
    5. Eating is a basic matter in the Bible. 吃是聖經裏一件基本的事。
    6. We are for the church, not for individual holiness and spirituality. 我們是為召會,不是為個人聖潔和屬靈。
    7. In the meeting, every member should f u n c t i o n. 在聚會中,個個要盡功用。
    8. Lord’s Recovery 主的恢復
    9. Eating the tree of Life; drinking the water of Life. 吃生命樹﹔喝生命水
    10. Seven Annual Trainings and Conferences 一年七次特會訓練
    11. Memorial Conference 國殤節特會
    12. Thanksgiving Conference 感恩節特會
    13. Winter Training 冬季訓練
    14. Elders and Responsible Ones’ Training 長老及負責弟兄訓練
    15. Chinese Speaking Conference 華語新春特會
IV. Appendix 附錄
    1. Hi, brother(sister), may I have some fellowship with you? 嗨!弟兄(姊妹)我可否與你有交通?
    2. How long have you been saved? 你蒙恩多久了?
    3. How about your family? Your parents and brothers and sisters? Are they saved? 你的家人呢?父母、兄弟、姊妹,他們都得救了嗎?
    4. Please tell me how you came to the Lord’s recovery? 請告訴我,你是如何進入主的恢復?
    5. Do you live in the brothers’ (sisters’) house? 你住在弟兄(姊妹)之家?
    6. Full-Time Training Center 全時間訓練中心
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