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I. The Lord has commissioned us with the ministry of His word; there is the need of the spreading of the understood divine truths for the Lord's recovery and restoration; we must spread the truth of the gospel of the kingdom to the whole inhabited earth—Rom. 10:14-15; Isa. ll:9; 1 Thes. l:8:

A. The spreading of the Lord's recovery must be considered part of our ultimate responsibility—Matt. 24:6, 14; Rev. 14:4.

B. The preaching of the gospel of the kingdom will be a sign of the consummation of the age; this testimony must spread to the whole earth before the end of this age, the time of the great tribulation—Matt. 24:6, 14.

C. In these last days before the Lord's coming, the Lord's present charge to us should be: go and teach the nations that the present age may be consummated—Judg. 5:15-16; Matt. 28:19; 24:14.

D. We need to live a life of the gospel, being desperate and living uniquely for the gospel—1 Cor. 9:23.

II. In the Lord's ultimate recovery, our ultimate responsibility is to live Christ and to meet together in our locality in such a way that we may be the Body, the new man, the lampstand, and the bride—Phil. 1:20-21; 1 Cor. 12:27; Eph. 4:24; Rev. l:20; 19:7:

A. The Lord's recovery is spreading and will spread at a good pace; churches will be established in all the major cities in all the leading countries on earth.

B. God needs a corporate people to be raised up by His grace through the high peak of the divine revelation to live a life according to this revelation—1 Cor. 15:10.

C. We live Him according to the view we have of Him; God's desire is for us to live Christ, to have Christ as our living, and to have Christ as the reality of the church life, making every local church a golden lampstand—Phil. l:21a; Rev. l:20.

D. Me must take heed how we build the church, that is, with what material we build the church; if we build with gold, silver, and precious stones, we will receive a reward—1 Cor. 3:10-17.

III. In the last days of this age, we must see the vision of the one Body and the one new man; this one new man will  usher in the kingdom of God and will bring Christ, the King, back to this earth—12:12; Eph. 4:4; 2:15; 4:24; Rev.  11:15:

A. The Bible is a record of two men , the old man and the new man; the record of the old Testament is a record of the  old man, and the record of the New Testament is the record of the new man; according to the entire revelation of the Bible, God's intention is to have a man for the fulfillment of His eternal purpose—Eph. 3:9; 2:15-16.

B. The world situation has been raised up for the goal of the one new man; everything the Lord is doing in the present age is to usher in the practical existence of the one new man.

C. The church as the one new man is the corporate man on God's heart; this new man will fulfill God's twofold purpose to express Him in His image and to fight against God's enemy for the kingdom of God's—v. 15; 4:24; 6:10 -20.

IV. When the one new man is perfected, that is the time when the Lord will come back, and this perfected new man will become the bride—Rev. 19:7:

A . We must be those who have dispensational value to God in the“last days,”those who are prepared to be God's  dispensational instrument and who are Christ's bridal army to turn the age for God's glory and God's kingdom—Dan. 2:28; Rev. 12:l-5; 14:l-5; 19:7-9, 13-16.

B. We need to become a corporate model, the reality of the Body of Christ, a people who live the life of a God-man; this model will be the greatest revival in the history of the church and will bring the Lord back—Matt. 16:18; Rev. 19:7-8; Eph. 4:20-21.

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